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Low Budget Orchestra

LOW BUDGET ORCHESTRA is the project of Mikko Muranen, from Finland, who writes, performs, produces and arranges everything on its two releases; "Extraordinary" and "The Second Best". His idea behind the project is to create high-quality music on a budget.

Mikko has an interesting background as he has also been the sole contributor to industrial doom metal projects DOGMEAT and MAN BITES DOG. He also released two ambient, experimental rock albums under the name Mutantum. He sang vocals on these projects, although Low Budget Orchestra is completely instrumental. In spite of his doom metal background, Mikko has produced albums in a mostly neo-prog vein with occasional touches of metal.

On the two LBO releases, Mikko generally starts off composing from the guitar, but then builds upon it with other instrumentation, including layered orchestration, although only electronic drums are featured on the two LBO albums. He released Low Budget Orchestra's first album, "Extraordinary", in 2006 and followed it up with "The Second Best" in 2008.

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