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low budget music 2011

A third visit from the Low Budget Orchestra, following on from "Extraordinary" in 2006 and "The Second Best" a couple of years later. For those who don't know, the Low Budget Orchestra is the musical outlet for the one man band that is Mikko Muranen, dealing in quality instrumental prog rock from Finland.

It's modern sounding prog with nods to the likes of Pain Of Salvation and Dream Theater, but with enough Pink Floydy bits to keep the old guard happy. This time around, there seems to be a wee bit more emphasis on spacerock, which is always a popular decision round my way, so the likes of 'Dance Of The Pleiades' and 'From Mars to the Stars' made the old spacerocker in me very happy indeed.

The guitar and keyboard work is uniformly excellent, no more so than on the album closer 'I Saw the Flames of Orion', which takes everything that has gone before, and amps it up to a marvellous crescendo. The production has come on leaps and bounds since the first release, and there is nothing here that would make you think you were listening to anything less than a major release. His best work to date, "Innerstellar" should bring a few more fans to the door of Mr Muranen

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