Zeitgeist review


I rather enjoyed the debut album from Low Budget Orchestra that came out a couple of years back. Some quality instrumental prog from the one man band that is Mikko Muranen. So I was pleased when album number two winged its way across.

It's more of the same this time around, but with a better sounding production, which means he's paying attention as this really is all his own work, writing, producing, engineering and mixing. There's has been an increase in there quantity of rock on offer, with tinges of prog metal popping up hither and thither. But that's a good thing, especially when the guitar work is as good as it is here, with plenty of widdling for enthusiasts to get their rocks off to.

There are lots of good things going on, but I would point you towards opener 'Take On The World', 'Emperor's New Clothes' and 'Rather Than Words', if you're looking for a little something to get your teeth into.

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