Prog-Nose review


Release: 2008
Style: instrumental progressive rock
Label: independent release
Contact: -email-
Playing Time: 40:19
Cat. N°:
Review by: Patrick
Translated by: Patrick
Rating: 8/10


Low Budget Orchestra is a one man orchestra. A one man project. All instruments are played by one man. The full mixing, mastering, editing, song writing and the artwork are all done by one man. A man with a mission: discovering unknown musical territories and crossing progressive boundaries. The mastermind behind this project is multi-instrumentalist Mikko Muranen. "The Second Best" is Mikko’s second full CD release. The result is very impressive for a one man’s project. Mikko is clearly influenced by Keith Emerson and Vinnie Moore. The overall sound is dominated by keys and guitars. Sometimes Miko’s sound leans to metal. The guitar soloing often sounds very powerful and adventurous. The spirit of Zappa and Vai can be heard in various songs. The album consists of 8 songs and each song kicks off with a short spoken word intermezzo. This gives the CD a very spatial and experimental touch. Each song tries to create a different mood and explores new grounds and sounds. To enjoy the full richness of the album it is vital to listen to the album from start to finish. Mikko Muranen’s "The Second Best" is a highly enjoyable album. Anyone who likes fresh instrumental progressive rock with a spacy touch should give this album a listen. Low Budget Orchestra is a one man band that sounds like a full orchestra. Highly recommended. Mission completed.

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