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( Low Budget Music ) 2008
Progressive/instrumental progressive

One man stands behind complete band/project Low Budget Orchestra, and his name is Mikko Muranen. He played all instruments except electronic drum and create a one untipical atmosphere. A basic idea of Low Budget Orchestra is recording and producing a quality music without expensive budget, and it seems that Mikko finds enough performings/authors sources to realize own ideas.

"The Second Best" album are consists of instrumental progressive themes whose orientations belongs to 80's and 90's neo-progressive vision, fullfield with hint of prog. metal elements, but also some space rock traces exists in Mikko's messages. Very fine works dominetes through offering themes, and production is also modernly thereathed.

"The Second Best" is more than interesting album, and Mikko's creations can satisfies
also a many newer suspicious prog. folowers.

Rating : 8,5/10

Written by Branimir Lokner

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