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Low Budget Orchestra "The Second Best"

In One word very impressive result for this one mans project.
Low Budget Orchestra plays instrumental progressive rock, with a slight leaning to metal.
Being progressive rock - a musical style with a long history and many variations.
The purpose of Low Budget Orchestra is to produce high quality music
and well produced sound by budgetary means.
The aim is set up high - to build a huge wall of sound that absorbs the listener within.

The overall sound of the cd is a wide sound of layers of keys and guitars.
Wow what a great effort

Low Budget Orchestras the Second Best is a joy to listen to.
I can recommend to listen to in its entire length.
I hear a lot of influences but mostly by Keith Emerson and Vinnie Moore.
This album is an open invite to some excellent musicianship.

Symphonical Extravaganza from Finland 92 %

Reviewed by Ron "thedoorwaymaster" Vermulst

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