Space Rock / Prog Rock UK review

Low Budget Orchestra - Extraordinary

And extraordinary isn't too far off the mark. A one man band comprising Mikko Muranen, he has chosen the lonely road to bring his vision of hard driving instrumental prog to fruition. It's a remarkably accomplished piece of work, with only some tinny percussion letting the side down in places. The guitar based music is firmly rooted in the world of rock, bordering on prog metal, but the guitars also act as a solid basis for the progressive flights of fancy to take off from. Opening track 'Ordinary' could easily be an unknown Rush piece, back from when they were good, while the delicate 'Less Beautiful' would sit comfortably on a recent Marillion album. My favourite, however, is the dark, twisting 'The Mark has Been Made', a piece of music that lives up to the album title.

Added: August 25th 2007
Reviewer: Stuart A Hamilton
Score: 3.5/4

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